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Margot Stiles

Program Director

Margot leads our Transparency Program in cultivating relationships with country governments to promote transparency and strengthen management of our oceans. As Oceana’s Chief of Strategy, she helped start up new teams to “Save the Oceans, Feed the World” in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines; helping to shape the first ocean grants by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Wyss Foundation. She contributed to specific government decisions to protect habitat, stop overfishing and promote seafood traceability through national policy change. Prior to Oceana, her consulting business provided research and writing to World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In the past 20 years, Margot has recruited emerging leaders into the field of ocean conservation and supported the growth of local organizations in Vietnam and China. At Global Fishing Watch she applies these skills to cultivate new partnerships and grow the global community working for safe and abundant oceans.

Location: Washington, DC