Hannah Linder

Hannah Linder

Senior Manager, Product Development

Washington, DC

Hannah Linder is the product manager overseeing the core automatic identification system (AIS) data pipeline and the data products that stem from it. As a data product manager, Hannah works closely with all teams at Global Fishing Watch to help ensure the successful implementation of quality data from its original form into the data displayed on our products. Previously, Hannah was a senior fisheries analyst for the organization, providing the analysis for the tuna RFMO transshipment reports and leading the initial development of the carrier vessel portal.

Hannah is passionate about developing, illustrating and communicating quality data findings that can help aid in improving fisheries sustainability. She has 10 years of experience working in the world of fisheries science and data analysis. Hannah previously worked for Oceana as an illegal fishing and transparency analyst, and at Conservation International as a fisheries science analyst. She received a master of science degree from the University of Washington. Her published thesis work focused on comparing various statistical models estimating change in fisheries acoustic data. Hannah grew up with a love of theater and acting and enjoys hiking and cooking. 

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