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Global Fishing Watch and our research partners have produced the following publications and tools based on the application of our fishing activity data. These research products advance our understanding of fishing activity to better inform policy and market decisions governing fisheries sustainability. 


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Grey Reef Sharks

Nuno Queiroz, Nicolas E. Humphries, […]David W. Sims. Nature, July 24, 2019, doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1444-4. Blog post

Jérôme Guiet, Eric Galbraith, David Kroodsma, Boris Worm. PLoS ONE, May 17, 2019, 14(5): e0216819.

Feng-Chi Hsu, OrcID, Christopher D. Elvidge, Kimberly Baugh, Mikhail Zhizhin, Tilottama Ghosh, David Kroodsma, Adi Susanto, Wiryawan Budy, Mochammad Riyanto, Ridwan Nurzeha, and Yeppi Sudarja. Remote Sensing, April 2019, 11. 995. 10.3390/rs11090995. Read paper

Timothy D. White, Francesco Ferretti, David A. Kroodsma, Elliott L. Hazen, Aaron B. Carlisle, Kylie L. Scales, Steven J. Bograd and Barbara A. Block. 

Manuel Dureuil, Kristina Boerder, Kirsti A. Burnett, Rainer Froese, Boris Worm. 

Jessica H. Ford , David Peel, David Kroodsma, Britta Denise Hardesty, Uwe Rosebrock, Chris Wilcox. 

Darcy Bradley, Juan Mayorga, Douglas J. McCauley, Reniel B. Cabral, Patric Douglas, Steven D. Gaines

Grant R. McDermottKyle C. MengGavin G. McDonaldChristopher J.Costello.   – Reply to Hanich et al

David A. Kroodsma, Juan Mayorga, Timothy Hochberg, Nathan A. Miller, Kristina Boerder, Francesco Ferretti, Alex Wilson, Bjorn Bergman, Timothy D. White, Barbara A. Block, Paul Woods, Brian Sullivan, Christopher Costello, Boris Worm. Science, 24 Aug 2018. Read the response

Guillermo Ortuno Crespo, Daniel C. Dunn, Gabriel Reygondeau, Kristina Boerder, Boris Worm, William Cheung, Derek P. Tittensor, Patrick N. Halpin. Science Advances. 08 Aug 2018 : EAAT3681.  Read paperBlog post – Press release

Douglas J. McCauley, Caroline Jablonicky, Edward H. Allison, Christopher D. Golden, Francis H. Joyce, Juan Mayorga, and David Kroodsma.  Science Advances. August 1, 2018. EAAU2161.  Read paperPress release

Kristina Boerder, Nathan A. Miller, Boris Worm. Global hot spots of transshipment of fish catch at sea. 2018. Science Advances. July 25, 2018. Read paperPress release

Miller NA, Roan A, Hochberg T, Amos J and Kroodsma DA (2018) Identifying Global Patterns of Transshipment Behavior. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:240. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00240 Read paperBlog post – Press release

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Cabral, RB, J Mayorga, M Clemence, J Lynham, S Koeshendrajana, U Muawanah, D Nugroho, Z Anna, Mira, A Ghofar, N Zulbainarni, S Gaines, C Costello. Rapid and lasting gains from solving illegal fishing. Nature Ecology and Evolution. February 13, 2018. Read paperBlog post

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