Our research and innovation projects harness the potential of satellite technology and machine learning to analyze big data and shed
light on some of the most pressing issues facing the ocean. Drawing on remote sensing and vessel positioning data, we collaborate
with partners from academia, science and advocacy communities to publish impactful research on illegal fishing, forced labor, transshipment, vessel traffic and other human activity in the marine world—all while empowering others to use our data to help
achieve more sustainable ocean governance.

map showing sar detections

Dark Vessels

Revealing all vessel traffic at sea

Human rights abuses on the open ocean

Creating comprehensive vessel information spanning
our global waters

Revealing the footprint and global growth of infrastructure
in the ocean

Satellite data reveals meet-ups
on the high seas

Identifying maritime supply chains and
supporting risk assessment

When and why vessels stop broadcasting their position

Better models to evaluate ocean harvest

Ocean-going vessel activity quantified at scale

Recent work

Satellite Data Casts Light on Seamounts at Risk

Emerging tools and datasets help quantify fishing pressure and can inform management at remote, unmonitored seamounts Seamounts—large underwater mountains— hold vital biological diversity, but they also contend with heavy exploitation. Numbering in the tens of

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