Map & Data

Global Fishing Watch’s open-access technology products, datasets, and code accelerate research and innovation and support sustainable ocean management.

Our Map

Our map is the first open-access online platform for visualization and analysis of human activity at sea. 

Carrier Vessel Portal

Our carrier vessel portal pinpoints encounters between vessels, synthesizes fishing authorizations and filters publicly available data to create a picture of vessel risk for management authorities. .

Marine Manager Portal screenshot

Marine Manager

Our marine manager portal provides near real-time, dynamic, and interactive data on ocean conditions, biology, and human-use activity to support marine spatial planning, marine protected area design and management, and scientific research.

Vessel Viewer

Vessel Viewer is a vessel history tool developed in partnership with TMT that uses satellite data and advanced analysis to produce current and historical information on vessel identity and activity.

Datasets and Code

Global Fishing Watch is committed to making as much of its data and code freely available as possible.

Recent Work
Norway flag on boat

Norway makes fishing vessel data accessible to the world

Norway to become first European nation to share its vessel tracking information on Global Fishing Watch map Lisbon, Portugal – Norway has become the first country in Europe to partner with Global Fishing Watch—an international nonprofit

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