Cian Luck

Cian Luck

Fisheries Analyst

Cork, Ireland

Cian Luck is a fisheries analyst providing analytical support for Global Fishing Watch’s Marine Manager program, which aims to provide stakeholders with the information they need to effectively monitor and manage marine protected areas. Luck brings more than seven years of research experience and an expertise in marine ecology and ecosystem-based fisheries management to the analysis team.

Before joining Global Fishing Watch, Cian earned a doctorate from University College Cork on protected species bycatch and was actively involved in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea’s Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species. Before that, Luck spent 18 months on Bird Island, South Georgia monitoring fur and leopard seals with the British Antarctic Survey and three months in the Galapagos Islands researching sea lions with the University of Bielefeld. In his spare time Cian loves cooking, hiking and snorkelling.

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