Nate Miller

Head of Applied Research

Oakland, CA

Nate Miller leads Global Fishing Watch’s applied research team, helping advance program priorities through collaborative and co-developed research projects with national and regional partners. Translating innovation into application and impact, Nate directly supports research that leverages Global Fishing Watch datasets to enable scientists, policy-makers and managers to produce and access the knowledge they need to improve marine resource management and sustainability.

With a background in marine biology, Miller brings more than 15 years of research experience to the Global Fishing Watch team, including several seasons conducting research in Antarctica. His prior work focused on marine organisms, including coastal invertebrates and benthic fishes, and their response to environmental changes such as ocean warming, acidification, and hypoxia.

Miller earned a doctorate in zoology from Michigan State University, along with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Linfield College and a master’s degree in data science from the University of New Haven.

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