philip robinson

Philip Robinson

Scientific Programmer

Portland, OR, USA

To support the research and innovation team, Philip Robinson develops new tools to identify human activity at sea and works with various data providers to integrate their information into Global Fishing Watch’s platform. With years of industry research and interdisciplinary scientific programming experience, he helps build vessel identification systems that drive a transformation in how we manage our ocean.

Philip’s interest in the environmental sciences, coupled with his work in statistical programming languages at Galois Inc. led him to pursue a graduate degree that focused on identifying rare events, like earthquakes and whale vocalizations, using deep sea microphone systems. He went on to develop environmental survey tools with Happy Whale by employing citizen science to identify and track whales.

Philip earned a master’s degree in computer science from Oregon Health and Sciences University, and bachelor’s degree in computer science from Western Washington University. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, and reading science fiction from minority perspectives.

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