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Charles Kilgour

Director of Fisheries Analysis

Charles is the Director of Fisheries Analysis at Global Fishing Watch and is heading up the Analysis Cell, which is an international team of fisheries analysts all using Global Fishing Watch’s data to support governments and organisations to better understand the fisheries they are responsible for managing. Charles brings 14 years of experience in fisheries governance, initially starting as a marine reserve manager in the UK and Indian Ocean. Working in the field he quickly picked up on the key challenges facing marine conservation and decided to transition to fisheries management to try and help meet one of the biggest of those challenges, IUU fishing. Over the next 10 years as a fisheries consultant working with governments, international bodies, industry and fishing communities across the world he promoted the development of sustainable fisheries and worked towards robust monitoring control and surveillance systems. Through this work Charles has been at the forefront of a shift to incorporating big data analysis and remote sensing techniques to extend people’s horizons and help bring understanding to what is happening on the oceans.

Location:  United Kingdom