Wildan Ghiffary GFW

Wildan Ghiffary

Program Officer - Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Wildan Ghiffary leads Global Fishing Watch programs in Indonesia as part of the global transparency program, working closely with governments, fishing associations, NGOs and other institutions to support the sustainable management of capture fisheries resources by increasing transparency of human activities at sea.

Prior to his current role, Wildan was the program officer on the Global Fishing Watch transparency team working to implement the small scale fisheries/coastal fisheries program in Indonesia and open new opportunities for collaboration with other related fishing organizations.

Wildan has a bachelor of science in marine science from the Universitas Padjadjaran in Indonesia and a master of science in aquaculture and marine resource management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His experiences include participation in the marine protected areas proposal program of USAID SEA in North Maluku Province during his internship with Marine Change, policy experience through a sustainability and traceability fisheries project in the Republic of Malta, and being a researcher on marine conservation in Indonesia’s Research Institute for Fisheries Enhancement and Conservation. He also served as president of the Universitas Padjadjaran Student Council. In his spare time, Wildan enjoys playing badminton weekly with neighbors and playing and watching basketball.

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