Willa Brooks

Willa Brooks

Data Analyst

Durham, North Carolina

Willa works on the identification and analysis of potential transshipment activities occurring within EEZs, on the high seas, and specifically within tuna RFMOs. Previously, Willa worked at Duke University on the Illuminating Hidden Harvests project; a collaboration with Duke, the FAO and WorldFish which aims to provide a global perspective on the contributions and impacts of small-scale fishing. Willa received her Master’s in Environmental Management with a certificate in Geospatial Analysis from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment in 2019. Prior to attending Duke, Willa worked at sea as a fishery observer for NOAAs Pelagic Observer Program (POP) and NOAAs Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish and Shrimp Observer Program.

In her free time Willa enjoys scuba diving, playing beach volleyball, and learning about new packages in R

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