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Jérôme Michelet

Transparency Program Regional Director, Africa and Europe

Jérôme brings to the Transparency Program a deep understanding of how Agencies in charge of Law Enforcement at Sea would best benefit from Global Fishing Watch efforts. During the last decade, he pushed relentlessly the international community to cooperate ever more on maritime governance, around issues such as piracy or the development of the Blue economy. Working with Sub-Saharan African governments, he came to realize that fish was a primary concern to all of them, and Global Fishing Watch could help not only to solve this hard concern for millions of persons, but also to push a cooperation spirit which is bound to benefit the whole world – except the criminals. A retired French Navy captain, Jérôme has navigated on or under most oceans and visited countless countries. He used to dive but nowadays is happy to enjoy the gorgeous sights of seashores in Brittany or the rest of the world.

Location: Brest, France