Media highlights

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Read a selection of English language media reports about our work.

Washington Post, February 2018: New maps show the utterly massive imprint of fishing on the world’s oceans 

Forbes, February 2018: Global Fishing Watch And The Power Of Data To Understand Our Natural World 

Reuters, February 2018: Chinese trawlers travel farthest and fish the most: study

BBC, February 2018: Fishing continued even after East China sea oil spill

National Geographic, March 2018: How Illegal Fishing is Being Tracked From Space

Bloomberg, April 2018: Google Is Indonesia’s New Weapon in War on Illegal Fishing

Forbes, April 2018: The Amazing Ways Google Uses Artificial Intelligence And Satellite Data To Prevent Illegal Fishing

Google Environment: Transparency unleashed: How Global Fishing Watch is transforming fishery management

The Guardian, June 2018: The ‘dark fleet’: Global Fishing Watch shines a light on illegal catches

Mongabay News, June 2018: Bust of shark smugglers in Galápagos waters leads to breakthrough in global transshipment data

Wired, July 2018: In international waters, satellites detect signs of secret crimes 

Scientific American, July 2018: Science Closes In on Big-Scale Fish Poachers in the “Wild Wet”

Inside Science, July 2018: Mapping Fishing Vessel Traffic

Daily Mail, July 2018: Incredible interactive map tracks the movements of sharks across the Atlantic Ocean and reveals where commercial fishing ships could be killing them 

Vox, July 2018: Overfishing is decimating sharks. This map shows where they cross paths with fishing boats

Mongabay, August 2018: Technological breakthroughs are changing how researchers observe the world’s fishing fleet

The Economist, September 2018: The fight against illicit fishing of the oceans is moving into space

World Economic Forum, January 2019: We have the tools to tackle illegal fishing. It’s time to use them

New York Times Investigative Reporter, Ian Urbina leads a discussion with Tiffany & Co. Foundation President, Anisa Kamadoli Costa and Global Fishing Watch CEO, Tony Long on how to ensure that key ocean ecosystems can survive and thrive despite the growing threats of climate change at the Bloomberg Vanity Fair Climate Exchange in December 2018.