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Satellite Data Casts Light on Seamounts at Risk

Emerging tools and datasets help quantify fishing pressure and can inform management at remote, unmonitored seamounts Seamounts—large underwater mountains— hold vital biological diversity, but they also contend with heavy exploitation. Numbering in the tens of thousands across vast stretches of


Torch Passed to Panama for Major Ocean Conference

H.E. Mr. Milciades Concepción Lopez, Minister of Environment, Republic of Panama With the global ocean under unprecedented pressure from overfishing, climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction, this week leaders in government, business, and civil society gathered in Koror, Palau for


A Radar-Illuminated Ocean Reveals Dark Fleets

Satellite radar imagery is lighting up our view of previously unseen fishing patterns around the world Last week, we announced the winners of the xView3 contest to use satellite radar imagery and artificial intelligence to reveal vessels at sea. This


Mapping a New World

Tony Long, Global Fishing Watch’s chief executive officer, finds cause for gravity but also hope as we look to the Decade of Ocean Science and a growing consensus that our future—and the course ahead for ocean conservation—should be powered by

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