New Release Beta 2.0 – You Asked, We Delivered

Today, we are releasing a brand new version of the Global Fishing Watch interactive map that is easier to use and adds nearly 25,000 new vessels. It also increases your ability to customize the map view and share your work. Beta Release 2.0. comes in response to some great feedback we’ve been getting from our registered users since we launched in September.

You can now:

  • Upload a custom layer and overlay your own data onto the Global Fishing Watch interactive map. [Custom layer tutorial video]
  • Generate and download a report of fishing activity data from parameters you customize, such as specific region or protected area and date range. [Report tutorial video]
  • Filter results to display commercial fishing vessels by the country in which they are registered and see multiple nations in one view,

    Customize your view of fishing sorted by flag state
    Using the flag filter, you can select fishing vessels by flag state. Here you see fishing around South America by vessels from Argentina in pink, China in green and Spain in blue.
  • Automatically revisit vessels you selected in a previous session.

Access to the map has also been expanded:

  • You can now embed your customized workspaces into third-party websites to share publicly.
  • And basic map features are now available without registration.

What about previously saved work spaces?

If you have a previously saved workspace, you can still follow that link and work in the original version of the Global Fishing Watch map. Although you won’t be able to bring your previous work into the new map, all the original features are still available to you in the original platform.

Check out the tutorial overview [here]. 

Or go straight to the [map] and get started.

You may also want to know more about how we’ve added nearly 75 percent more vessels to our database. You can read about that here. 

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