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How do I create private workspaces and add environmental datasets?

How do I create private workspaces and add environmental datasets?

Registered users with access from Global Fishing Watch can replicate marine manager portal workspaces to create private workspaces and upload environmental datasets.

For any workspace, request access under ‘Groups’ in your profile, and provide some short supporting information on your link with the workspace (e.g. for the Ascension Island workspace, let us know if you work for the Ascension Island government or are working on projects related to Ascension Island).

Once you have access, find all your workspaces on your profile, where you can manage and delete them.

To add environmental datasets, click the ‘+’ icon in the Environment section and ‘Upload new environment dataset’. Select the data type you are looking to upload. Currently, the marine manager portal supports polygon (zipped shapefiles and geojson files) and track data (CSV files with timestamps).

After selecting the data type, drag and drop your compressed shapefile into the marine manager portal or click to select the file. Add a name and description for the environmental dataset.

  • For polygon environmental datasets, you can add colors to your data features by a data value. For example, if some polygons have a data value of 0, they will appear faded compared to other polygons in the same dataset that have a value of 1. Under ‘color features by value’ select the data column you would like to use, and add minimum and maximum values.
  • For track environmental datasets, indicate which data columns represent latitude and longitude, and which data column shows the time field. You can optionally add an individual ID if you have multiple animals or vessels in the same dataset.

Once you’ve set your environmental dataset preferences, click confirm to add the dataset to the portal. Once uploaded, you can center the marine manager portal on your data, and view movement over time.

Find environmental datasets you have uploaded on your profile by clicking your initials at the bottom left of the portal.

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