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2021 December – Global Fishing Watch Marine Manager – Changes in activity over time, flexible download formats and more

Global Fishing Watch has released updates to the marine manager portal and map:

  • Understanding changes in activity over time – Anyone with an internet connection can now compare a baseline of apparent fishing activity in a particular area against another time period, and analyze those changes over time. A researcher interested in how fishers respond to marine protected areas (MPAs), for instance, can compare vessel traffic within the MPA before and after its establishment.
Image showing before/after comparison in the Galapagos exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the marine manager portal
Managers and researchers can examine changes over time either before and after any dates of interest, or by selecting two periods of time to compare. In this case, we are examining activity six months either side of June 2019. The graph shows how activity changes over time and the map shows areas where fishing activity has decreased (blue grid cells) and areas where fishing activity has increased (red grid cells).
  • Drawing custom reference layers – In addition to our built-in reference layers showing exclusive economic zones and MPAs, users can easily draw their own reference layer right on the map. They don’t need to be a GIS or mapping specialist to delineate areas where they want to rapidly analyze human activity.
  • Downloading datasets in the format you need – Data that is more user friendly can save researchers a lot of time and headache. With improvements to the marine manager portal, users can download data in multiple formats with new options in spatial and temporal resolution, meaning that managers and researchers now have access to fishing activity data with minimal data wrangling, helping streamline research and management plans.
Image showing flexible download options when selecting an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the marine manager portal
Managers and researchers are now able to download Global Fishing Watch automatic identification system (AIS) activity data in more flexible formats.
  • Understanding when and where vessels go to port – In addition to fishing, encounter and loitering events on vessel tracks, you can now view when and where vessels go to port.
  • Performance improvements – We have implemented performance improvements completed with help from our partner sites ensure the map and marine manager portal works well even in remote areas.

Find supporting information and tutorials on the Global Fishing Watch website. Share feedback through the built-in feedback form in the left sidebar on the marine manager portal and map. Email for support.

Release – Thursday 9 December.

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