Peru has demonstrated global leadership in sharing its fisheries surveillance data

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Peru first in Latin America and second in the world

  • Since October 26, 2018, our country made available the VMS tracking data of vessels fishing on its shoreline
  • The data are on the Global Fishing Watch platform and aim to prevent and confront illegal fishing

On October 26, it will be a year since the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) chose to release to the public the vessel monitoring system data (VMS) of its fishing vessels, through the Global Fishing Watch (GFW) platform.

In this way, Peru became the first country in Latin America and the second in the world to implement this action, allowing the prevention and management of illegal fishing.

“On behalf of our country and PRODUCE, we are committed to continue sharing data on fishing vessels through the Global Fishing Watch platform to ensure permanent and public tracking, and we invite other nations to disclose their fleet’s satellite information,” said Production Minister Rocío Barrios.

Fishing transparency

“We are in an era of transparency and Peru has demonstrated global leadership by making its fishing fleet visible to the world,” said Tony Long, CEO of Global Fishing Watch.

He added that since this bold action, four other countries have shared, or have committed to share, their vessel data. In that regard, he praised Peru for its leadership and urged more countries to adopt the transparency and benefits this brings to fisheries management.

It should be noted that through the platform, Peru shares the data of about 1400 fishing vessels, industrial and artisanal, that capture resources such as anchoveta, hake, cod, eel, tuna, Humboldt squid and mahi mahi, among other species.

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