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Imam Prakoso
Data Engineer

Imam has a background in Informatics from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He worked with large telecommunication industry in Indonesia as an enterprise level software developer and data engineer. During his employment with telecom, he worked with large amounts of subscriber data and transactions to clear the unknown, identify what can go wrong in order to increase customer experience and prevent large amount of revenue leakage. In 2014, he moved to North Carolina, U.S to support his spouse pursuing a MBA at Duke and start his own project After coming back to Indonesia, in 2016, he joined SkyTruth to work on the Global Fishing Watch and was very excited with this project because he believes it will have a big impact for Indonesian fishery in combating IUU Fishing. He lives in Jakarta, and meets regularly with the KKP, Indonesia, to work on VMS by providing automated data feed, reports and analysis on what may go wrong on fishing vessels.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia