max schofield

Max Schofield

Senior Fisheries Analyst - Joint Analytical Cell (JAC)

Oxfordshire, UK

Max leads Global Fishing Watch’s analysis work within the Joint Analytical Cell, a collaboration that aims to provide authorities with key insights and capacity to help enhance fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance. Using diverse datasets, Max conducts bespoke analysis and leverages the expertise of the cell’s collaborative partners to provide intelligence to government partners and help generate integrated solutions to combat illegal fishing. 

Aftering pursuing a degree in marine biology, Max worked in fisheries science where he used catch-effort data to create and update estimates of inshore fish stocks. In 2018 Max brought his talents to OceanMind, a UK based nonprofit organization that supports enforcement and compliance to protect the world’s ocean, where he helped governments utilize remote sensing datasets to create actionable insights and help industry partners better understand their supply chains. Max holds a master of science in marine biology and statistics from Victoria University of Wellington. He spends his free time outdoors, enjoying camping, hiking, spearfishing and surfing. He also has a healthy obsession with cricket.

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