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Global Fishing Watch works in partnership with a growing number of organizations that contribute data, expertise and funding to make global fishing activity more transparent. Global Fishing Watch provides the tools to allow people to visualize fishing activity and to analyze its effects.

Founding Partners

Global Fishing Watch was created by Oceana, SkyTruth and Google.

oceana logo

Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Oceana is rebuilding abundant and biodiverse oceans by winning science-based policies in countries that control one third of the world’s wild fish catch. With more than 200 victories that stop overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and killing of threatened species like turtles and sharks, Oceana’s campaigns are delivering results. A restored ocean means that one billion people can enjoy a healthy seafood meal, every day, forever. Together, we can save the oceans and help feed the world. To learn more, visit

skytruth logo

If you can see it, you can change it. SkyTruth hopes this illustration of global fishing activity, made available on a public map for the first time, will prompt people to ask questions about how well our ocean and its living resources are being managed and protected. Founded in 2001, SkyTruth’s mission is to make the world visible to the people that live in it. We’re driven by the belief that better transparency leads to better management and better outcomes for people and the environment. To learn more, check out what we do and how we work at

google logo

Google Earth Outreach is a team dedicated to leveraging and developing Google’s infrastructure to address environmental and humanitarian issues through partnerships with non-profits, educational institutions, and research groups. To learn more, visit

Funding Partners

leonardo dicaprio foundation

Since 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) has been on a mission to protect the Earth’s last wild places, implementing solutions that restore balance to threatened ecosystems, and ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of all its inhabitants. Through grant making, public campaigns and media initiatives, LDF brings attention and needed funding to three areas: protecting biodiversity, ocean & forest conservation, and climate change. The Foundation works in close collaboration with a broad network of environmental leaders and experts, effective organizations, and committed philanthropists to identify and support innovative, results-driven projects in the world’s most wild and threatened ecosystems. LDF has supported over 128 high-impact projects in more than 46 countries around the world. For more information visit:

Adessium foundation logo

Adessium Foundation supports initiatives and organizations that target subjects of social importance and strive to effect lasting positive change in our society. The Foundation supports organizations in the Netherlands and initiatives targeting the European community. In addition to financial contributions, Adessium Foundation provides organizational support focused on strengthening grantees’ capacity. For more information, visit:

bloomberg philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies works in over 120 countries around the world to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. The organization focuses on five key areas for creating lasting change: Arts, Education, Environment, Government Innovation, and Public Health. For more information, please visit

marisla logo

Marisla Foundation was established in 1986 as a private charitable foundation. Marine Conservation is a significant focus of their work, where they support marine protected areas, coastal lands, fisheries, and marine mammal and sea turtle conservation. For more information, visit:

Moore Logo

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation fosters path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the Bay Area. Visit

Oak Foundation is family-led and reflects the vision and values of its founders. In all its work Oak pursues rights-based approaches, gender equality and partnership with the organisations we fund. We support civil society as a pillar of democracy and justice and nurture innovation and visionary leadership within it. We value diversity both within Oak and among our partners; we seek to be inclusive, flexible and engage with different points of view. We believe that the best grant-making reflects both careful due diligence and the willingness to take risks. To learn more about the OAK Foundation, visit
ocean5 logo

Oceans 5 is an international funders’ collaborative comprised of new and experienced philanthropists dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans. We focus our investments and support on large, opportunistic projects and campaigns to establish marine reserves and constrain overfishing. For more information, visit:

The David & Lucile Packard Foundation Logo

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is guided by the enduring business philosophy and personal values of Lucile and David, who helped found one of the world’s leading technology companies. Their approach to business and community participation has guided our philanthropy for over 50 years. We invest in effective organizations and leaders, collaborate with them to identify strategic solutions, and support them over time to reach our common goals. The Foundation works on the issues our founders cared about most:  improving the lives of children, enabling the creative pursuit of science, advancing reproductive health, and conserving and restoring the Earth’s natural systems. Learn more at

walmart foundation logo

By using our strengths to help others, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation create opportunities for people to live better every day. Walmart has stores in 28 countries, employing more than 2.3 million associates and doing business with thousands of suppliers who, in turn, employ millions of people. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are helping people live better by accelerating upward job mobility for the retail workforce; addressing hunger and making healthier, more sustainably-grown food a reality; and building strong communities where we operate.  We are not only working to tackle key social issues, we are also collaborating with others to inspire solutions for long-lasting systemic change. To learn more about Walmart’s giving, visit

Walton Family Foundation Logo

The Walton Family Foundation is, at its core, a family-led foundation. The children and grandchildren of our founders, Sam and Helen Walton, lead the foundation and create access to opportunity for people and communities. We work in three areas: improving K-12 education, protecting rivers and oceans and the communities they support, and investing in our home region of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta. In 2018, the foundation awarded more than $595 million in grants in support of these initiatives. To learn more, visit

the waterloo foundation logo

The Waterloo Foundation is an independent grant-making Foundation created in 2007, and based in Cardiff, Wales. We give grants to organisations in both the UK and world-wide. We are most interested in projects that help globally particularly in the areas of the disparity of opportunities and wealth and the unsustainable use of the world’s natural resources, particularly marine resources and also tropical rainforests. We want to help both the global community and the local community here in Wales. For more information, visit:

the wyss foundation

The Wyss Foundation is a private, charitable foundation dedicated to supporting innovative, lasting solutions that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen connections to the land.  Mr. Wyss created the Wyss Foundation in 1998 to help ensure that the iconic Western landscapes that inspired him are protected for everyone to experience and explore. Today, the Wyss Foundation’s philanthropy supports projects in areas from conservation and education to economic opportunity and social justice.  Each philanthropic investment seeks to encourage new ideas and new solutions that expand the reach of human possibility and compassion. For more information, visit:

Research and Project Partners

Data and Technology Providers

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