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Masaki Tsuda

Fisheries Analyst

Masaki earned a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at Tohoku University in Japan. After 3 years of work as a research scientist in a Japanese Research Institute, he turned to work as a Data Scientist at a Japanese analytics company and consult various clients to improve their businesses. As a Data Scientist, he operated the analytics value train from upstream to downstream, namely preparing data, building machine learning models and applying this to businesses. As a scientist, he is interested in the mechanisms that produce the amazing biodiversity of our planet, so during 5  years of work in business, he always hoped to work for symbiosis between business and biodiversity, which he found at Global Fishing Watch. He enjoys cookingsome bird watching and recently, angling. Whenever he travels, he visits the local market and to try local foods. He enjoys eating fish and wants future generations to be able to do the same.

Location: Yokohama, Japan