Esteban Arenas

Esteban Arenas

Fisheries Analyst - Latin America

La Paz, Mexico

Esteban Arenas is a fisheries analyst focusing on Latin America. He supports partners in the region to improve their fisheries management efforts through various analytical requests, ensuring vessel monitoring systems (VMS) data is well understood and organized, and providing training in the use of Global Fishing Watch products. Esteban also assists in quality assurance of products and data processing, standardization of procedures, material development, and insight on political or partner changes in the region. 

Esteban studied economics and environmental studies at Vassar College and has a masters degree in environmental management focused on fisheries from Duke University. Previous to Global Fishing Watch, he worked for World Wildlife Fund in Mexico, collaborating with NGOs, governments and the private sector to increase corporate demand for traceable, sustainably certified seafood products. Beyond coding and analysis, Esteban enjoys employing problem solving and creative skills to rock climbing, video games, playing cello and always trying new things. He looks forward to applying emerging technologies towards a more efficient and sustainable use of our resources.

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