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Aki Baihaki
Indonesia Programme Manager

After spending 19 years abroad, Aki returned to Indonesia to join Global Fishing Watch. He ensures our programs in Indonesia are running and in line with Global Fishing Watch’s goals. He connects the global Global Fishing Watch team with our stakeholders in Indonesia such as the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Special Task Force 115 (Navy, Police, Coast Guard) and other organisations. Aki did his IT Business degrees from The National University of Singapore (College) and Universiteit Leiden (Graduate). After about 15 years of being a developer, he found roles as the bridge between the technology and the people to be more challenging. He has worked in Singapore, Canada, The Netherlands and Belgium. Prior to joining GFW, Aki worked for seven years as IT consultant at the European Commission. He loves outdoor activities, scuba diving, badminton and linguistics.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia