Aimée Komugabe-Dixson

Manager, Capacity Development and Technology Transfer, Global Programs

Canberra, Australia

Aimée Komugabe-Dixson leads the development and delivery of Global Fishing Watch’s program to increase capacity in, and transfer technology to, national and regional partners. In her role, she collaborates with governments and communities to strengthen the management of marine resources through training, knowledge-sharing, and improving access to emerging technologies such as the datasets and tools developed by Global Fishing Watch.

Komugabe-Dixson has fifteen years of experience in marine science, management and capacity development. In her previous role as senior advisor in the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, she worked with Pacific island countries and territories to strengthen fisheries management frameworks and led the development and delivery of a fisheries management curriculum for professionals. Komugabe-Dixson has also worked with local communities on climate change adaptation and ecosystem resilience, and conducted oceanographic and behavioral research through NGOs, intergovernmental agencies and universities. Outside her role at Global Fishing Watch, she advises the Government of Tuvalu on inshore fisheries management.

Komugabe-Dixson holds a doctorate degree in marine biogeochemistry from the Australian National University, as well as bachelor’s degrees in biotechnology and business from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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