Search for a Vessel on the Global Fishing Watch Map

Search for a Vessel on the Global Fishing Watch Map

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Know the name or identity of a specific vessel you would like to find on the map? Here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you how to find it.

Select the arrow in the upper right corner of the map to open the layers panel.

1 MapInfo panel

Select the magnifier icon to open the search window. (Note, if the magnifier icon does not appear, select INFO to see the magnifier.)

2 MapInfo panelopen with magnifier

In the search window that appears, type in the MMSI, IMO, callsign, or name for the vessel you wish to see. You can also search for a port by name.

4 MapInfo panel search SANTOS

The search results will show you all the vessels in the Global Fishing Watch database that match your search criteria. Select the one you want.

5 MapInfo panel search resultsSANTOS

When the track comes up, you can use the timeline on the bottom to narrow the time window for your search results.

6 MapInfo panel search resultsSANTOS track 2 years