Datasets and Code: Anonymized AIS data and other data

Datasets and Code: Anonymized AIS data and other data 2020-03-24T17:26:13-04:00

Anonymized AIS Data

The raw AIS data we use is commercial data owned by Orbcomm. We cannot make it freely available here. However, we have created a sample dataset of labeled anonymized AIS data that can be used to train fishing prediction models (ours or yours).

The anonymized training data is available here.

Other Data

We have developed and are using several GIS datasets that are not directly related to fishing but that are necessary to properly identify fishing.

Distance to Shore

This dataset provides, at one kilometer resolution, the distance from shore of every point in the ocean. We use this raster to calculate the distance from shore for every AIS position message in our database.

Distance to Port

This dataset is the same as the distance to shore raster, but instead includes the distance to port. This dataset is still under development, largely because we are still developing our port database.