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Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet: Media Kit

CAPTION: Arufura Sea, January, 2018. Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data from Indonesia is shown in the Global Fishing Watch map as yellowish dots. This image is overlayed with data from NOAA’s satellite-based Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) which detects many vessels not broadcasting VMS. VIIRS-detected vessels are shown here as blue sailboats. CREDIT: Global [...]

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Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet

Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet A new partnership between Global Fishing Watch and NOAA matches night-time imagery with monitoring data from fishing vessels. January 16, 2018: Global Fishing Watch has entered into a new data-sharing partnership with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to improve understanding of the activity of fishing vessels [...]

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Global Fishing Watch Doubles Its Data with Help of Nano-satellites from Spire Sense

Media contact: Kimbra Cutlip Kimbra (at) +1 443.871.1632 [MULTI-MEDIA AVAILABLE HERE] Nov 1, 2017: Global Fishing Watch is pleased to announce that, through a partnership with Spire Global, Inc, it has doubled the amount of data used to identify and track nearly 60,000 commercial fishing vessels on the world’s oceans. The Global Fishing Watch [...]

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Spire Partnership Nearly Doubles Data in Global Fishing Watch- Media Kit

Right Click the images below to download in high res. Please credit Global Fishing Watch 2017 The animated Gif below shows Global Fishing Watch platform before the addition of data from Spire's nano-satellites and after. Note: each lighted point on the map indicates a fishing vessel engaged in fishing. The new data points do not [...]

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Les escribo desde el Perú, donde acabo de presenciar el triunfo emocionante del equipo de Oceana.

Este carta de Andy Sharpless apareció por primera vez en el blog de Oceana. Lea la versión original en ingles aquí. Esta semana, el gobierno peruano cumplió con su compromiso de publicar sus datos nacionales de seguimiento de buques mediante la firma de un Memorando de Entendimiento. El compromiso inicial, que fue el resultado de [...]

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Multi Media: First Public View of Indonesian Fishing Fleet from Government VMS data

For more information, contact: Kimbra Cutlip / /+1  443.871.1632 See the public Indonesia workspace map revealing Indonesian VMS data alongside AIS data. ALL MEDIA INCLUDED HERE IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS GOOGLE DRIVE Youtube Video available here:  FOR IMAGES BELOW Credit: Global Fishing Watch, Inc., 2017 Captions: Global Fishing Watch uses publicly broadcast AIS signals to track fishing vessels. [...]

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Global Fishing Watch Beta Release 2.0 Media Kit

Images represent new features on the Global Fishing Watch platform, web-based interactive map. For more information, contact: Kimbra Cutlip 443-871-1632 RIGHT CLICK ON IMAGES AND SELECT "SAVE IMAGE AS" TO DOWNLOAD   BELOW: This image shows the new map interface. Each lighted point on the map reveals a fishing vessel actively engaged in fishing over [...]

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The First-Ever Global View of Transshipment in Commercial Fishing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 22, 2017 Contacts: Kimbra Cutlip, +1.443.871.1632 David Kroodsma,, +1.415.656.7540 Mara Harris, Hidden No More: The First-Ever Global View of Transshipment in the Commercial Fishing Industry Transshipment, the transfer of goods from one boat to another, is a major pathway for illegally caught and unreported fish to enter the global [...]

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Tracking fishing vessels and sharks reveals protection for large mobile animals

New research published in the journal Biological Conservation sheds light on the contentious debate surrounding large Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that restrict or prohibit fishing and other activities. By combining established shark tracking methods with the publicly available Global Fishing Watch platform that allows anyone to track fishing activity anywhere in the world, scientists have demonstrated that [...]

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