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About Tim White

Tim is a fisheries scientist who works with governments, academic partners, and environmental groups to support fisheries management and conservation. He has tracked fishing vessels, reef sharks, white sharks, and other vulnerable species to inform their management. Before joining Global Fishing Watch, Tim earned a PhD at Stanford and worked as a fisheries observer aboard Bering Sea crab boats, a research diver at the University of Alaska and the National Park Service, and a fisheries researcher in the U.S. and Kiribati. Tim loves fishing, surfing, and diving.

Tracking where sharks and ship overlap

Nuno Queiroz and a team of over 150 scientists recently published “Global spatial risk assessment of sharks under the footprint of fisheries” in the journal Nature. Tim White, Global Fishing Watch Fisheries Scientist, was a co-author of this study. Sharks of the open-ocean are some of the most threatened fish in the sea; around [...]

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Predicting overlap of tunas, sharks, and ships at sea

Tim White is a PhD candidate at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station. His recent publication in Science Advances, Predicted hotspots of overlap between highly migratory fishes and industrial fishing fleets in the Northeast Pacific, focuses on how vessel tracking and fish habitat models can help inform management of sharks and tunas. How do you [...]

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