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Costa Rica commits to making its fishing fleet visible to the world

Costa Rica and Global Fishing Watch (GFW), working with the Asociación Costa Rica por Siempre and the Fundación Pacífico, have entered into an agreement to advance transparency in the country’s fisheries. Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Environment and Energy signed a letter of intent on May 2nd to make [...]

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Fighting Illegal Fishing

Researchers explore an alternative pathway to fast-tracking the global recovery of fisheries By Julie Cohen Short-term pain for long-term gain. When applied to the reform of global fisheries, this strategy could yield enormous benefits. If only it were that easy. For many countries — especially those in the developing tropics where fishery reform is [...]

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Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries

In the 23 February 2018 issue of Science, along with research partners at University of California Santa Barbara, National Geographic Pristine Seas, SkyTruth, Dalhousie University, Stanford University, and Google, we published a global analysis of fishing effort using AIS data. We have made our data on the vessel identity and fishing effort freely available. This post provide links [...]

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Tracking Fishing from Space: The Global Footprint of Industrial Fishing Revealed

Tracking Fishing from Space: The Global Footprint of Industrial Fishing Revealed Satellite based data show fishing affects four times larger area than agriculture Washington DC, February 22 - A study published today in Science illuminates the extent of global fishing – down to individual vessel movements and hourly activity – and opens an unprecedented [...]

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 La pêche vue de l’espace : l’empreinte mondiale de la pêche industrielle enfin dévoilée

 La pêche vue de l’espace : l’empreinte mondiale de la pêche industrielle enfin dévoilée Les données satellitaires montrent que la pêche exploite une zone quatre fois plus vaste que les zones agricoles. Washington DC, le 22 février — Une étude publiée ce jour dans Science apporte un éclairage sur l’ampleur de la pêche mondiale – jusqu’aux [...]

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Rastrear la pesca desde el espacio: La huella mundial de la pesca industrial al descubierto

Rastrear la pesca desde el espacio: La huella mundial de la pesca industrial al descubierto Datos por satélite muestran que la pesca afecta una superficie cuatro veces mayor que la agricultura Washington DC, 22 de febrero - Un estudio publicado hoy en la revista Science arroja luz sobre el alcance de la pesca mundial [...]

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Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries: Media Kit

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Tracking Fishing from Space: Fact Sheet

What is Global Fishing Watch? Global Fishing Watch aims to create transparency, accelerate research and innovation, and promote sustainability in fisheries. Founded as a collaboration between Oceana, SkyTruth, and Google, Global Fishing Watch became an independent 501(c)3 organization in June 2017. Through our public mapping platform, we allow anyone to view global fishing activity [...]

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Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet: Media Kit

CAPTION: Arufura Sea, January, 2018. Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data from Indonesia is shown in the Global Fishing Watch map as yellowish dots. This image is overlayed with data from NOAA’s satellite-based Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) which detects many vessels not broadcasting VMS. VIIRS-detected vessels are shown here as blue sailboats. CREDIT: Global [...]

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Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet

Bright Lights Reveal the “Dark” Fleet A new partnership between Global Fishing Watch and NOAA matches night-time imagery with monitoring data from fishing vessels. January 16, 2018: Global Fishing Watch has entered into a new data-sharing partnership with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to improve understanding of the activity of fishing vessels [...]

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Making the Case for Argentine MPAs

Commercial fishing is an important revenue source for Argentina, and the industry’s interests are strong, but the government is committed to protecting at least 10 percent of its territorial waters by 2020. Although reconciling the need for Marine Protected Areas with the economic interests of the fishing industry can be challenging, Global Fishing Watch [...]

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Collaborating, Adapting Algorithms for Peru’s VMS

Last week, members of our team traveled to Peru to participate in a workshop on fishing algorithms and data, co-hosted by Oceana Peru and the Instituto del Mar de Peru (IMARPE). We made the journey because Peru is releasing its fishing vessel data to the world – the Peruvian Vice Minister of Fisheries, Hector Soldi, [...]

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VMS Layer Now Available in Fishing Activity Map

On World Ocean Day in June 2017, we partnered with Minister Susi Pudjiastuti and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to publicly release Indonesian Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data. This was the first ever public release of VMS data. Previously accessible only in a dedicated public workspace on our site, this data is [...]

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Tracking fishing vessels and sharks reveals protection for large mobile animals

New research published in the journal Biological Conservation sheds light on the contentious debate surrounding large Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that restrict or prohibit fishing and other activities. By combining established shark tracking methods with the publicly available Global Fishing Watch platform that allows anyone to track fishing activity anywhere in the world, scientists have demonstrated that [...]

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