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What are the filters and how do I use them?

Filters are created using the Filters tab in the map toolbox. Each layer has unique attributes that can be used for filtering to see a subset of fishing activity. Some of the filters that can be found are: Night Light Vessel Detections Radiance range: Higher radiance ranges correspond to higher confidence detections. Detection type: Options represent likely [...]

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How do I view different types of data? (AIS, VMS, VIIRS)

To view different types of fishing vessel data, click on Layers in the toolbox, then Activity layers. You will have options of our different types of fishing activity to select from and can also customize colors of each layer. Learn more about the AIS and VMS layers in this video or this guide and about the VIIRS [...]

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How do I search for a specific vessel?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account to search for a vessel. Click on the Vessels tab in the toolbox to the right and enter the vessel identifying information (vessel name, MMSI number, IMO number and callsign) in the search bar. Make sure that the activity layer you are searching the [...]

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How do I search for fishing activity within a certain time range?

The time slider at the bottom of the map determines the time period you are viewing. There are several ways to manipulate the time slider: Click on the Start Date in the bottom left corner or End Date in the bottom right corner. A calendar will pop up and allow you to select dates. Click [...]

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How do I view different parts of the world?

Use your mouse to click and drag to scroll around the map. You can zoom in or out using your mouse pad or the +/- icons on the left side of the map. Watch this video or download this guide for more information on navigating the globe on our map.

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What do we mean by fishing activity?

Every broadcast AIS and VMS position that we receive from a fishing vessel is classified by the Global Fishing Watch fishing detection algorithm as either likely fishing or non-fishing. This classification takes into account the vessels movement in the days before and after the broadcast position as well as other information we have on the [...]

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What is Global Fishing Watch’s VMS transparency initiative?

Transparency is crucial for good stewardship of our global ocean - to fight illegal fishing, to protect fish stocks and livelihoods and to increase the safety and well-being of fishers. If countries publicly share their fishing vessel monitoring data, then we can create a more complete and connected picture of global fishing activity. Global Fishing [...]

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What is AIS?

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system that transmits a ship’s position so that other ships are aware of its position, to avoid collision. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandates the use of AIS in vessels larger than 300 gross tonnes that travel internationally. Many national governments have mandated vessels that fall outside the IMO [...]

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What are the different vessel tracking systems out there and how can they be used together?

There are two general types of vessel tracking systems – transmitters and loggers. Transmitters use satellite tracking to continuously transmit vessel locations. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) are both transmitters. Loggers record location and transmit later. Lots of new technologies are continuously being developed. These include spot trackers with satellite [...]

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What distinguishes Global Fishing Watch from similar organizations?

We are a not-for-profit organization and share our data openly and publicly. We invite collaboration with researchers, governments and industry partners to use our data products for informing fisheries policies and improving fisheries governance. Anyone can download our processed data and analyses for their own use or overlay custom layers in our map. We welcome [...]

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What is Global Fishing Watch?

Global Fishing Watch (GFW) is an international, non-profit organisation committed to advancing ocean sustainability through greater transparency. GFW was founded in 2015 through a collaboration between Oceana, SkyTruth and Google and became an independent non-profit organisation in June 2017. By harnessing cutting edge technology, our mapping platform provides a powerful tool for ocean governance, empowering [...]

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