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How do I opt out of receiving marketing communications?

We’ve made it easy for you to manage what types of emails you receive. Simply navigate to the bottom of the email you received and look for the “update subscription preferences” link. From there, you may manage the types of marketing emails you receive. You may also opt out of all marketing emails by using [...]

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How do I reset my password?

Please visit our login page here and click “Forgot your password?” on the bottom of the page. This will direct you to reset your password.

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How do I upload my own custom layer?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account. There are multiple ways to upload your custom layers to the map. We currently support 3 standards: GeoJSON, Web Map Services (WMS) and Rasters. Below you will find some notes of how to add each of these types. GeoJSON: Upload a GeoJSON file to [...]

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How can I interpret VIIRS data in the map?

The VIIRS satellite sensor can identify bright lights at night. This is the same sensor that is used to make the maps of lights at night of the world that you may have seen. In the dark ocean, vessels using bright lights stand out to this sensor and can be tracked. Some forms of fishing, [...]

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How do I create a report of fishing activity?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account to create a report of fishing activity. In the map toolbox, open the Layers tab, then on Static Layers. Click the report icon (closest icon to the layer name) for the layer you are interested in observing (EEZ, or RFMO). The report icon will [...]

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What is the difference between MPA-No Take and MPA-Restricted Use?

MPA – No Take includes protected areas where all fishing is prohibited. MPA – Restricted Use contains areas that allow some fishing but impose restrictions such as catch quotas, seasonal closures, or limits on certain types of fishing gear or fishing sectors (commercial vs. recreational, or industrial vs. small-scale).

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What is the significance of the EEZs?

An Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is a zone in the ocean in which the adjacent nation has jurisdiction. These generally include waters extending 200 nautical miles from a nation’s coastline but are also drawn closer in where multiple nation’s jurisdictions would otherwise overlap. Each country has special rights regarding exploration and use of resources within [...]

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Why are there large circles in which there is no apparent fishing?

The large circles without fishing are almost always Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) around islands that heavily restrict or prohibit fishing (if you turn on the EEZ Layer in the Global Fishing Watch map, you will see that they often line up with these blank areas). The circles could also be Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that [...]

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How do I create a custom fleet?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account. The custom fleet feature lets you select and group a set of pinned vessels with the objective of seeing them moving as a fleet in the map (with the same color). Search or select the vessels you are interested in being grouped in a [...]

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How can I embed my workspace in another site?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account. The embed feature lets you generate a html code that you can include on your website to display a simplified version of the Global Fishing Watch map. To do so: Prepare the view you want to share (pan, zoom, select vessels, enable/disable layers) Click [...]

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How can I save or share my current view?

First, you must be logged into your Global Fishing Watch account. You may share your current view by clicking on the share icon on the left side of the map below the “+” and “-” icons. This will bring up a link to your map, which you can copy and save or share the link [...]

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