Leadership: Board of Directors

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Brian Sullivan

Chair of the Board

Brian Sullivan is a co-founder of Global Fishing Watch and Senior Program Manager for Google Ocean & Earth Outreach.

Brian is part of a broader team at Google dedicated to leveraging and developing Google’s infrastructure to address global environmental, health & humanitarian issues. Ocean conservation and awareness have always been important to Brian, and he continues to explore freediving, technical rebreathers, and has logged over 1000 scuba dives volunteering for data monitoring programs with Reef Check, California Fish & Wildlife and various academic and research institutions including drone imaging of remote reefs. He lead Google’s Underwater Street View scaling program, designed the next generation camera system and collected the first “indoor underwater” street view for the Aquarius Reef base off Florida.

Earlier in his career, Brian focused on business intelligence and strategic partnerships at Google, served as a management consultant in financial services, and managed digital divide programs in West Africa. He holds a bachelor and master’s degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. His love of technology is tempered with the opposing and complementary need to spend time in nature.